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Ultra Fractal 6.02 Extended Edition

Ultra Fractal 6.02 Extended Edition Ultra Fractal 6 is a great way to create your own fractal art. Today, fractals are much more than the Mandelbrot sets that you may have seen before. With Ultra Fractal, you can choose from thousands of fractal types and coloring algorithms, zoom in as far as you want, use gradients to add color, and apply multiple layers to combine different fractals in one image. Ultra Fractal is very easy to use and yet more capable than any other fractal program. No mathematics required! Get started quickly with the integrated tutorials It is easy and fun to start using Ultra Fractal with the built-in tutorials. Starting with the basics, you will soon learn how to create your own fractals, change the colors, add layers, use masks, and even create animations. You can also download the PDF manual to print the tutorials. Explore thousands of fractal types and coloring options First explore the standard fractal types in Ultra Fractal to get familiar with them. Then connect to the online formula database to download thousands of additional fractal formulas and coloring algorithms contributed by other users. Formulas can also use plug-ins which lets you easily mix and match features. By combining different plug-ins, the possibilities truly become endless. For more information, see Plug-ins in the Ultra Fractal help file. Enjoy ultra-fast deep zooming You can zoom to virtually unlimited depths with Ultra Fractal. Deep zooming is fully integrated and works with all fractal types and coloring options, even those you have written yourself. And thanks to the new perturbation calculations algorithm in Ultra Fractal 6, images that previously took hours or days to generate are now completed within minutes! Use the classic selection box shown above, or zoom with the mouse by Shift-dragging or double-clicking inside the fractal window. Panning, rotating, stretching, and skewing are also possible, of course. Tweak parameters with the versatile Explore feature Choosing parameter values is a breeze with the new Explore feature. Experiment with new parameter values by moving the mouse cursor over a coordinate grid in the Explore window, while the Fractal Mode tool window shows a real-time preview of the result. Explore works with integer, floating-point, and complex parameters. 

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